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The Good Shit - Spotlight on Drunken Sailor with Robert Carroll

Molong Stores' ethos is pretty simple. 
Only work with product you love + you'll love what you do. ( chuck in a character or two that make you laugh and HOLYHECK you've cracked the mainframe )
One brand that instantly springs to mind is Drunken Sailor Canning Co. The shared core values and approach to worklife make Justin and Drunken Sailor such a natural fit for for Molong Stores, and an early break out winner winner chicken dinner for the newly formed Provedore section.
"we reckon made good, tastes good" Amen to that.  You can find out more on Justin and Drunken Sailor right here
In this hugely anticipated instalment of The Good Shit ( Thank you to the loyal 26 that follow :) ) we look a little closer at how the Drunken Sailor range first appeared on our radar.  I ( Dani ) take 5 with Robert to extract some of the inner workings of his buyer brain, Enjoy x
Ok im loving how Molong Stores has become a little Provedore. Tell me about when you first come across Drunken Sailor ?
RJC: I actually saw the brand in one of my all time favourite Provedore shops before I even opened, this is the product that got me thinking about alternative pantry staples. Bloody glad i did because we are selling a lot of them.
What was it exactly that you instantly liked about the brand ?
RJC: I just love anything nautical. Anchors, rope details - anything pirateee -  so the packaging got me straight away.  Then the mix of flavours and ingredients are completely out there but work so well. 
The Provedore section has been a huge hit at MS - what is coming next ?
RJC: Im always thinking about this - i feel like we live in such a vibrant food basin, i want to keep everything as "locavore" as possible. Im teaming up with artisan bakers and local veggie suppliers to expand our pantry staples. After xmas im going on tour - haha -  we will take Molong Stores micro to local markets on weekends etc. Thats the plan, this year has really made me plan differently though. I think people are saying pivot - the year of the pivot.
How do you use Drunken Sailor at home ?
RJC: Clear must haves are Smokey BBQ and Tomato relish are staples in my joint, used on everything from eggs to hot dogs.
The Jams are always good in the mornings local sourdough and we keep a Dukkah on stand by for when friends come by.
Now the fun bit ------ WIN ME WIN ME
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