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Finding the Perfect Hat at Molong Stores

The first thing I do is ask the customer what they want the hat for, as in Australia i think that dictates what size brim etc. We live in a harsh climate!

Then it’s about fabric, fur felt, wool felt, straw, leather, canvas and durability. Then it's down to the nitty gritty like proportions and colours that suit and that the client feels good in.

So it's a matter of trying styles on from there and you’d be surprised how many people actually buy the first hat that they try on.

Having done it for 30 years i have a fair idea when they walk in the door, i can even guess their size most of the time.

Being a hat specialist I pride myself on getting the right shape and brim proportions and the perfect fit. I have a hat steamer and block to shape, stretch and help make the fit perfect. We have a selection of headwear from all over the world including Australia, Ecuador, England, America, Sri Lanka and China.

From Felt to straw and a selection of ball caps, berets and even some twee peaky blinder styles. Brands include StetsonWill and Bear, Avenel, Brigalow and Flexifit straw. If you need help finding the perfect hat, please contact us!